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To The Woman At Access Who Interviewed MonstaX at Jingleball - It's High Time You Take A Kpop Lesson

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Recently, at Z100's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2018 in U.S, Access, an entertainment news show, interviewed Monsta X, with complete lack of professionalism, made the whole Kpop community cringe in disgust.

Monsta X performed at the Madison Square Garden, the world's most famous arena for the Jingle Ball. They are the first Kpop act to perform at this legendary arena. They ruled the stage with their stunning performance, in front of the massive amount of audience. Let's say every sane kpopper is proud of this as considered a huge accomplishment in the west. Any sane journalist would interview the band mainly focusing on this great achievement. But, the people at Access decided to do otherwise. They seem to be more interested in letting Monsta X know about other band's achievement, which is highly disrespectful and irrelevant, also arrogant.

However, MonstaX handled the situation well and expressed their happiness for their fellow kpop group.

Access posted their youtube video, twitter post and online article with the same irrelevant title. Unprofessional, either ignorant or arrogant.

The Kpop community is registering strong condemn against the reporter and demands apologies for the incident.

Well, not everyone can be an awesome host like Ellie! Here's a face slapping comment from her on the incident -

This is not the first occurence of such happenings. Whenever Kpop bands steps in U.S, ignorant reporters asks the only thing they studied in the internet just few seconds before the interview. It's high time that reporters should stop being ignorant and should learn about Kpop to broaden their minds, and should stop asking irrelevant and disrespectful questions to Kpop bands. It's high time they take Kpop classes and also lessons on professionalism. Ellie should just teach classes to those ignorant kids.

When the east knows so much about the west, the west shouldn't just stay ignorant about the east anymore.

Facts Only,

The KTruth

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