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RedVelvet Achieved The Fastest Perfect All Kill With PowerUP;The First SM Artist To Make This Record

RedVelvet is now the first SM artist to achieve a Perfect All Kill in Korean real time music charts.

On August 6, 2018, RedVelvet made a summer comeback with mini album Summer magic, including a title track Power Up. Within 50 hours of the release, the album's lead track Power Up slayed every Korean music charts i.e Melon, Genie, Bugs, Soriboda, Mnet, Naver and made a record breaking fastest perfect all kill ever in the history of Kpop. The previous record was 56 hours.

Within the first hour of the release, Power Up recorded 86125 unique listeners in Melon, which is the highest number of listeners for a girl group in the industry now.

Within 24 hours of the release, the group made below list of records,

  • The music video gained over 7 million views with over 700k likes in youtube.

  • Gained 987862 unique listeners in Melon

  • Ranked No.1 in iTunes in 28 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Belize, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Brunei, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Mexico)

  • Ranked No.1 in iTunes Worldwide albums

  • Two Melon roof hits

  • Six genie roof hits

  • Top ranked in U.S iTunes top album charts within few hours of release. As tweeted by Jeff Benjamin, "This is the Kpop girl group's best U.S position to date"

RedVelvet's success is not attained over night. They were looked down upon in the past. But the tables are turned now. RedVelvet has once again proved their talent and achieved success through hard work and dedication alone.

The girl group debuted with dual concept which was never done by any other kpop girl group before. The "red" represents the youthful, energetic, brighter and strong side of the group, while the "Velvet" represents the softer, more mature and elegant side of the group. In the words of music, the "Red" predominantly features pop genre and "Velvet" features R&B and ballad genres.

As per Wikipedia sources "KookMin Ilbo noted that their music isn't as simple as being "dance" vs "ballad" and are often mixed with other elements. Their debut single "Happiness" which was considered as their first song under the "red" concept, is an urban Europop song fused with an intense synth sound and an African music beat. Their second single "Be Natural" saw a completely different image of the group and is described as classic R&B, which embodies their "velvet" side."

And that is why RedVelvet is called as the most versatile Kpop group ever.

Congratulations to RedVelvet on the grand comeback and wishing you more success in the future.

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- The KTruth

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