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MONSTA X's Wonho Is Proven Innocent And Is Officially Cleared Of All Charges

Finally a good news!

Starship Entertainment made an official announcement on March 13th, stating that Wonho is proven innocent and is cleared of all charges against him by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

Statement follows -

“Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug investigation team cleared Wonho, a former member of the idol group MONSTA X, of all allegations against him on March 10, ending an investigation into the drug and other charges filed related to the case.

In late October last year, there was a suspicion of smoking marijuana brought up against Wonho, and the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug investigation team conducted an investigation to look into all drug charges."

During this process, he actively cooperated with the investigation and actively cooperated with all investigation procedures, including scientific examinations by the investigative agencies.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug investigation unit conducted extensive investigations over the past five months, but was unable to find any charges, and closed its internal investigation of Wonho on March 10.

Regardless of the above facts, first of all, we would like to apologize again for the fact that we and Wonho had made fans very worried. We also thank our domestic and foreign fans for their unwavering support as they watched over the ongoing investigation.

During the investigation, we have been waiting for a long time, trying our best to minimize media exposure of Wonho and to appoint an attorney to ensure that there are no charges against him. We will continue to support Wonho so that he can go his way in the future.

Thank you very much.”

Back in Nov 2019 when the accusations were initially made, the Starship Entertaiment confirmed that they had terminated their contract with Wonho and announced that Monsta X would proceed promoting as a six-member group.

Following the announcement, Wonho shared a heartfelt hand written letter to Monbebes (the official name for Monsta X's fans) regarding his departure from the group and apologized for the situation.

After the heartbreaking news, Monbebes from all over the world united and showed continuous and tenacious support to Wonho - right from making silent protests in front of the company's building requesting to reinstate him in the group, leaving post-it notes on the walls of Starship Entertainment, creating petition on which was signed by over 475k people , trending long-standing hashtags in twitter everyday #ThisFightIsForWonho, #WeStandBehindWonho, #WINITFORWONHO with more than a million tweets in each hashtags, holding official gatherings, organising huge ad projects like the Time Square posters and so on. projects, official gatherings and so much more.

Monbebes' continuous and determined support towards the 27-year-old idol shows their unwavering love for him even during adversities. Finally, after a lot of struggle, the hard times have come an end and the fans hope that the artist will join with his Monsta X brothers again.

Good times ahead!

- The KTruth

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