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Here's How Your Favorite Kpop Idols Were Celebrating The Lunar New Year; With Family, Friends & Fans

Much like Western Culture's Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, the Eastern Culture celebrate the Lunar New Year by celebrating and spending time with close family. So what were your some of your favourite Kpop idols during this holiday?

Jimin & Ha Sung Woon

courtesy of @BTS_twt (twitter) & @gooreumsang (instagram)

The BTS member and Wanna One/Hotshot member Jimin and Ha Sung Woon seemed to enjoy a special trip together welcoming the New Year. After posting on their respective social media accounts, Ha Sung Woon later went live on instagram with Jimin in a karaoke room. The two are known to be close friends alongside Shinee's Taemin, EXO's Kai and VIXX's Ravi.

Wanna One

courtesy of @0529.jihoon.ig & @osw_onge (instagram)

Now that Wanna One has wrapped their activities as a group, many members have opened their own personal social media accounts to keep up with their fans. The group had their last concert on January 27 and has since been taking a long awaited break. Ong Seongwoo has since posted on his social media account of him on holiday in Vietnam.

Kim Jaehwan also uploaded on his instagram story bowing to his family alongside family members for the New Year. Park Jihoon also uploads on his instagram and twitter charming photos of him in a Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) wishing everyone a Happy New Year.


courtesy of @taeyeon_ss (instagram)

The Girls Generation member is spending special time with her family in her hometown Jeonju for the holiday festivities.


courtesy of @marcellasne_ (instagram) & weibo

Apink recently wrapped up their "Pink Collection" concert in Japan and have come back to Korea to celebrate the New Year. Naeun specifically celebrating her birthday early with a friend.


EXO posted a video of greeting their fans a Happy New Year, and they also wished individually in EXOL app.


Lay posted wishes for Chinese new year in his twitter account.

Fans were treated with Chanyeol participating in the latest instalment of ISAC, where he participated in the bowling tournament and secured his back-to-back gold medal. The bowling king celebrated his win with a cartwheel and heart.

Super Junior

courtesy of @eunhyukee44 & @siwonchoi (instagram)

Super Junior members Eunhyuk and Siwon posted on their respective social media accounts. Eunhyuk spent time with family, posting a picture of him bowing whilst Siwon posted a photo with Sean from Jinusean, wishing all their fans a Happy New Year.


courtesy of @twicetagram (instagram) & iMBC

The JYP girl group is enjoying their time off as well with Jihyo who recently celebrated her birthday having a relaxed holiday in Japan wishing the ONCE's a Happy New Year. Mina wishes her fans a Happy New Year from her holiday from Hawaii. Mina also wishes her fans a Happy New Year with photos from her trip to Okinawa. Tzuyu greets fans with her dog from home wishing everyone a Happy New Year. If you can't get enough of Twice, you can also catch them in ISAC this year as well, participating in events such as archery.


courtesy of @linbea945 (twitter)

For the New Year holiday, GOT7 members JB and Yugyeom spent the New Year with Mark's family. Mark's dad also tweeted a video of Yugyeom watching anime on his phone. Mark's family spent the Lunar New Year in Korea with Yugyeom's family.


courtesy of @NCTsmtown_127 (twitter)

NCT wished fans a Happy Lunar New Year on their social media from every NCT member. For broadcasting special, NCT attended ISAC, to which you can also see Jaehyun showcased impressive bowling skills with only 3 weeks participation prior to the game. He created a new record of 243 points in second round. He also scored six strikes in one frame, earning him the nickname “super rookie” in the bowling competition. NCT won silver medal in archery.

Monsta X

courtesy of @OfficialMonstaX (twitter)

With a cute little photo of the group in traditional clothes followed by New Years messages posted on twitter, I.M also sat down for an interview expressing his wish for more success this year. Just like other idols, Monsta X also appeared on ISAC, which you can catch over a 2 day period. On their twitter, members of Monsta X also shared some videos and photos of their day together, celebrating the New Year by going ice skating.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet is spending the new year break with their families. The member posted their wishes to fan in their official site.


Nuest and Seventeen wished their fans through a video. Seventeen also participated in ISAC and won Gold medal in archery.

Winner and iKON also wished their fans through their official weibo acconts.

iKON uploaded a couplet, wishing their fans a happy lunar new year. A couple refers to a two line poem.

During the Lunar New Year, your favorite idols are catching up on some rest, and spending some time with their family and friends. With the New Year, which K-pop act are you most looking forward to this year?

Have a safe and prosperous New Year,


By Bernadette

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