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Lay Zhang Honored With National Award For Chinese Creative Style C-Pop IP Music Industry Project

Lay Zhang, the most talented and hard working artist the music industry has ever seen is honored with the nation's prestigious NATIONAL AWARD for Chinese creative style C-Pop IP industry project.

Extremely proud - is the word to describe how his fans are feeling now.

In addition to his role in the Kpop mega star band EXO, Lay Zhang is a music producer, singer, dancer, actor, a song writer, actually an all rounder- conquered not only the million hearts of the east, but also the hearts of the west with his addictive music.

When Lay become the ambassador for China's first-ever Grammy Festival debuted in Beijing in April 2018, a Grammy article stated "Through all of his work, he has demonstrated that love is the center that motivates his personal drive."

Speaking to his solo composition "I Need You" during a Billboard interview, Lay said love "can sometimes be like a habit, but also refreshing and touching. I believe that love, from what I have felt, is being able to do even the smallest of things for your loved one thousands, if not tens of thousands, of times."

Zhang made his first U.S appearance at the music festival Lollapalooza where he collaborated with Alan Walker. The duo later collaborated on a remixed version of Lay's previous single "Sheep", titled "Sheep Relift". Lay participated in "Let’s Shut Up and Dance", as part of Michael Jackson's tribute single. He collaborated with Bazzi for his third studio album Namanana, which debuted at 21 on the Billboard 200 chart, making Lay the highest ranked Mandopop artist.

"Olay can't stop me I'm sorry

No way you're stopping my story"

He truly is unstoppable! "King of C-Pop" is indeed a perfect phrase to define Lay Zhang.

Congratulations Lay Zhang on winning the prestigious National award!

Truth Only,

The KTruth

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