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Here's How Toxic Media Like AllKpop Twisted Sehun's Insta Post To Matters That Does Not Involve Him;

Sehun, member of the super star boy band EXO, made a post in his Instagram account on 10th March with a message "Time will solve it. There will be happiness." To fans, this is a message of good hope and healing or a message of consolation or a quote of self realization. But toxic media sites decided to twist the situation and links his post unnecessarily to the recent controversies in kpop, without any base information. This is an act of defamation and a shameless strategy for clout.

Recently Allkpop wrote an article with title “Fans defend EXO’s Sehun after he was accused of showing support for Seungri”, again a shamelessly misleading title for click bait. There is no proof that Sehun had made that post to support Seungri. Sehun has a habit of making posts with captions in Instagram, mostly with cute captions or with healing words. Anyone can see in his instagram for themselves. The toxic media site just took advantage of the situation and twisted it just because it's EXO!

Allkpop didn’t stop there, they wrote another article with title “SM Entertainment to take legal action on behalf of EXO & more alleged members of Jung Joon Young’s controversial chatroom respond to rumour.” They are missing the facts all over again. Although the statement was posted in EXO's official twitter account, SM did not defend specifically for EXO, they defended all their artist as a whole and clearly made a strong statement that their artists are not a part of any of those controversies, and warned that anyone who’s spreading rumor and malicious comments will be subjected to legal actions by SM.

However, in the title of the allkpop's second article, there is absolutely no need for writing about EXO and the controversy in the same context, yet they did. Fans speculate that either the mentioned media site is an EXO anti or highly desperate for clout or both. Like vultures who feeds on the remains of the dead, toxic media sites feed on anything and everything for their gain, especially when it comes to EXO, they are super active on twisting each and every word or action of the idol just to defame them.

Fans are fuming over allkpop and reporting their account and article to SM ( with a hope that SM will sue the site for the act of defaming their artist.

Over the past few years, kpop community has registered a huge disappointment over kmedia for not being reliable and authentic anymore. Fans expressed that toxic sites calls themselves as media but buries the journal ethics and writes articles like school kids with no fact at all.

To all those toxic media sites, search "Journalism ethics" in google, it's never too late to learn.

Facts only,

The KTtruth

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