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EXO Writes History Again; A Quintuple Million Seller; 21st Century's First 10 Million Seller; A King

The King of Kpop, well actually, the Emperor of Kpop has made history once again!

The worldwide mega-popular Kpop band EXO, released their 5th album Don't Mess Up My Tempo on November 2. Within just 10 days of release, the album has sold over a million physical copies, making EXO, a quintuple million seller, and they did this with absolutely zero promotions.

Also, EXO made a new history by becoming the first and only music band debuted in the 21st century to sell over 10 million physical albums. EXO did that in just 6 years! This is a digital age where no one prefers a disk, yet the Kings made the impossible, possible!

Every year, EXO, the world's best seller, has sold over a million albums faster than the previous year, which is a clear sign that even with zero promotions, EXO's popularity is growing exponentially!

Here's the statistics of sales -

After debut, EXO saved the Kpop industry from 12 years physical album sales drought. From being called as "SM's biggest mistake" to getting acknowledged as the "Nation's pick", the path of their success was not filled with rose petals. As Lay said "The harder you work, the luckier you get", EXO reached this unbeatable height only through their hard work and talent. They are the inspiration for many young artists now.

EXO is called the "King of Kpop" for a reason. The title was not self-proclaimed. It was given to them by the general public. EXO earned the title fair and square. Anyone can wish for the title, well let's face it, they can only wish.

Accept or not, EXO is the standard for success for every band in Kpop.

Congratulations EXO on making such a huge milestone in Kpop!

Facts Only,

- The KTruth

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