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EXO -The nation's pick and CL gave a rocking performance at the Pyeonchang Olympics closing ceremony

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

On Feb 25th 2018, the Pyeongchang Olympics which was held for 16 days had came to an end with a beautiful closing ceremony.

The ceremony started with South Korea's post-rock band Jambinai performing "Time of Extinction" along with geomungo players. A perfect mash up of traditional and modern music presented by the artists left the viewers in awe.

After the parade of Nations, the concert started with the performance of the South Korean singer and rapper CL, leader of the Kpop girl group 2NE1 (2009 - 2016). Her "The Baddest Female" and "I am the Best" performance was lit and literally the title of the songs describes her presence on the arena. In the words of fans "The Queen slayed".

Honey Lee gave a surprise celebrity appearance on the stage and performed ChoonAengMoo, a traditional Korean solo court dance expressing the beautiful season of spring with elegant moves. This is the only full traditional performance of the night.

Then came the Kpop world wide super star boy band group EXO, who charted no 1 in the Billboards, with albums sold more than a million copies for the fourth time now, performed as the closing act of the ceremony. It is like a tradition in the kpop world for the past 5 years that EXO has to perform at the last marking the end of a ceremony; and yet once again the tradition continues, well this time at the Olympics.

Their performance started with Kai, the lead dancer in EXO, also called as the God of dance by the fans, performed solo for a Korean traditional music in hanbok. His cut sharp high perfection dance moves made viewers all over the world spell bound, no exaggeration though. Although he was seen little nervous before the performance, his stance resembled to that of a Lion getting ready for the hunt.

Following the traditional solo by the dancing machine Kai, EXO entered the grand arena like the Kings in white suits with black accents.

EXO performed "Growl", in other words the national anthem of Kpop. The song when released in the year 2013, was well received and appreciated by the fans and also by the common citizens of Korea. The song played a major part in lifting Kpop's image not just in Korea, but also world wide.

Following Growl, EXO performed "Power", the most energetic and uplifting song, which holds top ranking in many charts like any other EXO song, also the first K-pop song to ever be included as part of The Dubai Fountain's world-renowned repertoire.

The light works during the performance made it look like EXO's own concert. People who are not Kpop fans are flooding twitter with comments like "I'm not a kpop fan, but I loved their performance, I'm gonna explore more about them", "Who's the guy in hanbok, his performance is lit", "The tall guy with big ears, please tell me his name", "Right from this moment, I'm an EXOL"

Let's just say the performance at the Olympics is another jewel added to the King's crown.

Olympics presented a surprise guest, Martin Garrix DJ who actually turned the entire show to a dance party. The athletes and the audience couldn't help but move their body to the beat, thus the Olympics ended with a happy note.

This article wont be complete without talking about the performance of the 13 year old genius guitarist Yang Tae-hwan, performed the metal-inspired epic rendition of Vivaldi’s “Winter”. In the words of rock and roll, his performance is a high voltage face melter. Let's just say he set the twitter and youtube on fire.

Last time the South Korea hosted Olympics was in 1988, Summer Olympics. After more than two decades, they got the opportunity again to host the Winter Olympics. EXO and CL are the only Kpop artist to have performed at the Olympics so far, or may be the record will stay forever.

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- The KTruther

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