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EXO The Emperor Of Kpop Is Back;Era Of Tempo Begins;The Most Awaited Comeback In 2018 Is Out Finally

The most awaited comeback in 2018 is finally here!

Yes, EXO - The Real King of Kpop, well actually the Emperor of Kpop (no exaggeration honestly) is back with Don't Mess Up My Tempo, and it's OT9!

On November 2 at 6 PM KST, EXO dropped their fifth studio album "Don't Mess Up My Tempo", along with the music video for the lead track "Tempo". The album contains 11 tracks - “Sign”, “Ooh La La La”, “Gravity”, “With You”, “24/7”, “Bad Dream”, “Damage”, “Smile on My Face”, “Oasis” and a Chinese version of “Tempo”. Each song relates to the super power concept of each EXO member.

The music video of Tempo is undoubtedly one of the best of EXO's works. The music and choreography are top notch, especially the rap part. The highlight of the song is the a capella bridge, which no other Kpop band has attempted to do before. In short, Tempo is a perfect display of every talent in EXO.

EXO has already started breaking records.

  • Don't mess up my tempo is the first EXO album to have over a million pre-orders.

  • Highest first day sales in the history of Kpop.

  • No.1 Best selling albums of 2018 and of all time in KTown4U.

  • Highest first day sales in Hanteo history with 404,721 albums.

  • Charting No.1 in iTunes in over 42 countries.

  • Music video in youtube trending in 204 countries.

  • Most viewed music video in past 24 hours.

  • Debuting at top positions in Korean and international music platforms.

  • No.1 in Melon charts with 247,602 unique listeners.

  • Trended 3 hashtags worldwide for tempo with over 5 million tweets, and trended at top position in several countries

All this within 10 hours of the release of song. EXO is on the way to break more records and make many more records.

Congratulations EXO on the grand comeback !

Facts only,

- The KTruth

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