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EXO's Power Beats BTS' Fake Love In FIFA World Cup Polls

Phew, that was a heated match ! Twitter was literally on fire !

FIFA World Cup is the top craze in the world now. Wherever you turn, you can hear people talking about the game. But on July 5, 2018, twitter was talking something else, that is a poll conducted by FIFA World Cup DJ for stadium music. Four songs were nominated for the polls out of which two are Kpop. Nominees are EXO's Power, BTS' Fake Love, J Balvin's Mi Gente and Zedd's The Middle.

It was a two day poll, conducted on July 4 and 5. Since the beginning, EXO's Power and BTS' Fake Love dominated the polls with over 45% each, whereas Balvin's MiGente and Zedd's The Middle had 2% overall. The real heat started on July 5 when both the Kpop songs tied up with 48% each at the last few hours.

In the end, EXOLs once again proved that no one is powerful enough than them when it comes to voting and won the polls by 8.5k+ votes. This was one of the most voted polls on twitter.

Poll results :

Total votes - 3323207

EXO - 1599259

BTS - 1590705

J Balvin - 69354

Zedd - 63889

EXO and BTS reportedly have a huge fan base all over the world and their fandom are known for their voting and trending power. Today too their hashtags trended world wide with EXO over 8 million tweets over all and BTS around 2.5 million tweets.

EXO's hashtags -

#FIFAxEXOPower - 4 million tweets

#WorldCupEXOPower - 4.20 million tweets

BTS' hashtags -

#BTSxFifaWorldCup - 2.49 million tweets

Many in twitter, including non-Kpoppers has expressed that EXO's Power is more suitable song than BTS' Fake Love because Power has an uplifting beat and motivating power lines with suitable lyrics. Whereas fake love is more of a love song.

Few Lines from EXO'S Power:

"Don’t hesitate, move on There’s no time Your future depends on your imagination Throw away your fear, we can do it, it’s okay All the keys are in your possession

We got that power power

Through this music

You used to dream even when you weren’t asleep I hope you never forget Today together again Let’s burn it up with fun

When tiring days come, remember babe The beautiful us The power to get up again It’s in you

We got that We got that power power"

Few lines from BTS' Fake Love :

" I’m so sick of this Fake love, fake love, fake love I’m so sorry but it’s Fake love, fake love, fake love

Why you sad? I don’t know, I don’t know Smile, tell me you love me Look at me, I threw myself away Not even you can understand me You say I’m strange when I changed into the person you liked You say I’m not the person you used to know What do you mean? No, I’ve grown blind What do you mean this is love, it’s all fake love"

Records made by EXO's Power -

  • EXO's Power is the first and only Kpop song to ever be included as part of The Dubai Fountain's world-renowned repertoire.

  • EXO is the first and only Kpop band to perform at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics 2018. They performed two songs - Power and Growl.

  • EXO Power won the most voted polls in twitter with over 1.5 million votes and over 8 million hashtags.

  • EXO's Power will also be the first and only Kpop song to be played at the Fifa world cup with more than 4 billion viewers (almost half of the world population).

With all these achievements, EXO's Power can be acknowledged as the Kpop Anthem.

FIFA World Cup conducted polls for stadium music in Instagram and facebook as well.

Nominees in Instagram were K'Naan's Wavin' Flag, Avicii's Hey Brother and BTS' Fake Love. The winner was Avicii's Hey Brother. Although BTS' Fake Love was nominated in two polls, they couldn't win in either.

Facebook had four nominees, Queen's We Will Rock You - leading with 84%, Vanilla ice's Ice Ice Baby - 16%, K'Naan's Wavin' Flag - 70% and Ricky Martin's The Cup Of Life - 30%.

The winners from the 3 polls will be played at the stadium in FIFA World Cup Finals.

Congratulations to the winners.

Facts only !

- The KTruth

P.S - None of the photos belongs to me.

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