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EXO's Lay Is Joining His Brothers This Comeback And Their Fans Surely Aren't Fighting The Feeling!

At 8 pm KST on May 26, EXO dropped their individual member teaser images for the special album "Don't Fight The Feeling". The teaser images were released at the time of the total lunar eclipse.

The members - Xiumin, Lay, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai and Sehun are participating in the album. Suho and Chen are serving in the military since last year. Chanyeol and Baekhyun participated in the album preparations before enlisting in the military.

On May 25th, XingPark, Lay's oldest fan club confirmed the news prior to the release. Several hashtags trended worldwide immediately after the news was released. Some fans were skeptical of the news, some fans were anticipating for it to happen, some were praying and some were hopping, but all of them were waiting for today.

It has been three and a half year since Lay last joined an EXO comeback. Today is a day of celebration for EXO-Ls. Immediately after the ECLIPS teaser images were released along with Lay's, the hashtags related to the comeback were trending in the top 10 positions. The hashtag #DONT_FIGHT_THE_FEELING surpassed 4 million tweets on Twitter. This is the first SM hashtag ever to reach this milestone.

The fans were overwhelmed with joy and surely weren't fighting the feeling. It's the brother's comeback reunion after all!

Here are the ECLIPS teaser images-

OT9. Always.

- The KTruth

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