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EXO's Elyxion,The Epic Era Has Come To An "End" Or An "And"; Here Are The Highlights Of The Concert

The EXO Planet #4 - Eℓyxion is the fourth world concert tour of the mega star kpop boy band EXO. Here are the highlights of the epic era.

When the concert name was first released by S.M Entertainment, everyone was wondering about the meaning of the name. So EXOLs did a lot of research and found out that the word Eℓyxion is similar to the word Elysian/Elysium of Greek origin, which means - a place or state of perfect happiness, a paradise.

In the words of fans "Of course one should go to the paradise to see the angels".

There's one more specialty to the name. Although the EXO's fandom is officially named as EXOLs, EXO calls their fans as "Eri". Baekhyun is the one who gave the name to the fans. "Eri" is pronounced as "Eli" (the "r" and "l" sound in Hangul are often heard overlapping) which sounds similar to the Hangul word "aegi" which means "baby".

The "Eℓy" in "Eℓyxion" refers to the fandom. Also the "ℓ" in the name has intended font style to represent the "Ls" i.e EXOℓs, EXO ℓove. Such a beautiful and a perfectly meaningful name.

The invitation to Eℓyxion was designed royal, portraying the royal theme of the concert. And the royal design of the tree of life was imprinted on the seal of the closed invitation.

The tree of life symbol represents EXO's core debut super power original concept.

Only during the Eℓyxion dot, the seal on the invitation is broken and letter is opened for the world to see. The letter read beautiful message revolving around the concept. Here are few lines from it.

"When the red moon regains it's brightness

And comes together with the sun

And when the stars shine in the sky and in your heart

You and I will be together again

After countless nights and countless stars

Till the day we are together"

EXO personally designed the Eℓyxion goods, like EXO planet badge. Chen whose birth name is Jongdae, designed the hoodie which has Eℓyxion set list at the back, the front of the hoodie is left plain without any imprints so that fans could use it anywhere. Fans are overwhelmed by the thoughtful gesture showed by Chen. He also designed the polo shirt, with cuff links having their orb symbol. The merchandises were all signed "With JD" on the tags.

The tour officially commenced on November 24, 2017 as a three day concert in Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul.

Source - Wikipedia

EXO has already made the history of being the first artist to perform at Gocheok Sky Dome, and once again they made history by becoming the first artist to perform there for three consecutive days, gathering over 66,000 audience.

Concert tickets for the Eℓyxion first concert in Seoul which was held on November, 2017, and the Eℓyxion dot in Seoul which was held on July, 2018, were sold out in record time of 0.2 seconds, literally in a blink of an eye. Yes24, one of the official ticketing partner's server crashed due to massive site traffic as fans tried to buy ticket all at once. It was reported that over one million people tried to buy the Eℓyxion dot ticket. This is the fastest sold out time recorded in kpop history so far. With this, EXO broke their own previous record of selling out their second world concert tour Exo'luxion in 0.4 seconds for 67,040 seats. Kings of sold out indeed !

The concert was conducted world wide in 11 cities from 9 nations. Seoul - South Korea, Fukouka, Saitama, Osaka - Japan, Taipei - Taiwan, Singapore, Bangkok - Thailand, Manila - Philippines, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, Macau.

For the first time, the encore concert is conducted in two nations - Seoul and Macau.

Overall seats sold out for the Eℓyxion concert is 425,000.

The members also performed solo which drove every EXOL in the arena crazy.

Xiumin's Beyond was literally beyond words, Suho's emotional and elegant Playboy, Baekhyun's dangerous Psycho is sure a game over on a high note, Chen's Heaven with his heavenly unparalleled vocals and Moonlight brought tears of memories, Chanyeol's the eight hands who he holds on tightly to was an emotional roller coaster, D.O's For Life is full of heart and soul with Chanyeol's piano, Kai's I see you saw right through the soul, and finally, Sehun's Go with his soulful rapping, singing, dancing and song lines blew minds away.

In addition to all those amazing performances, EXO also performed Moonlight and 3.6.5. Chanyeol and Sehun performed We Young which is a new addition to the set list.

The article won't be full filled without mentioning about EXOLs. In every concert, fans filled arena their love and passion for EXO by doing projects for them and most importantly, giving them the beautiful massive silver ocean with their light sticks.

The epic era has come to an end on August 11, 2018 at Macau. But as one of the EXO's manager said, it's not an "End" but an "And".

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