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EXO's Chanyeol disciplines his fans after a chaotic incident happened at the airport;

After attending Tommy Hilfiger’s fashion show in China, Chanyeol was heading back to Korea. A large number of fans gathered at the airport to welcome Chanyeol. On seeing the idol, fans made desperate attempts to capture the idol’s picture on their phones, and that’s when things went out of control. The fans started pushing each other and pushed towards Chanyeol. Although the security guards who were protecting the idol asked the fans not to push and keep calm, the crowd did not listen. Chanyeol's slipper was stepped on and torn apart in the crowd.

Following the incident, the idol posted a message in Instagram asking fans to maintain order in public places like airport.

Translation -

" To all the fans who waited for me at the airport, please maintain order. The airport is a place not just for us, but also for other passenger and people who are waiting for their treasured family members, and children. A situation occurred today where someone’s toes could have been injured instead of my slippers. Although the security guards who were protecting me kept asking to not push, no order was maintained at the time. I am very thankful that no one was injured, but I'm posting this as I think that this shouldn't continue happening. I hope we can maintain order in future so that no one gets hurt in public places such as the airport. Thank you for your consistent love, I will always be a person who will repay your love."

When it comes to the responsibility of disciplining the fans for behavior, EXO never hesitated.

Below are the reactions of fans in twitter on the incident.

In 2015, during a fan signing event, fans were acting chaos and refused to make a line. EXO tried to calm down the crowd. Baekhyun asked "What is this behavior?", then D.O noticed someone fell down and said their safety was important and asked fans to stay calm, else they would leave. When the fans didn't listen, EXO left the stage. They came back once the crowd calmed down.

The bond between an artist and fan comprises of not just love, but also the responsibility of educating and disciplining each other when need arises. EXO and EXOL are a perfect example of one such bond.

Truth Only, -The KTruth

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