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EXO Baekhyun-"He’s Kind,Most Caring, Most Thoughtful, The Brightest Light And A Complete Warm Heart"

Byun Baekhyun, the brightest light that even puts the sun to shame , a mood maker, the most cheerful, energetic, funny and lively person that everyone wishes to befriend; a caring and kind-hearted person whose happiness is contagious, who spreads joy all around him, and above all that, his beautiful smile heals all the pain in the world. It's like sadness vanishes at the mere sight of him. Throwing shade on such a person really seems like an impossible job.

But recently, a news article site released an article with title "Sasaeng fans attack EXO's Baekhyun for his attitude". Sure a click bait. First of all, a sasaeng is NOT a fan. The article quoted a comment from a sasaeng - “He’s rude, ignores what you say and is completely cold. “ - Anyone who knows Baekhyun would completely laugh at this statement, it is nothing but a sick joke coming from an obsessed saesang who keeps invading the private space of the artists.

And the most pathetic thing is, a news site decided to write an article on it! They literally compiled several statements from saesangs and haters from 4 or 5 years ago. Not sure what was the intention behind such unnecessary article,but a poor attempt nonetheless.

If one asks "who do you treasure the most in your life?" to Baekhyun, he would just close his eyes and scream "ERI". EXO calls their fans as "Eri". Baekhyun is the one who gave the name to the fans. "Eri" is pronounced as "Eli" (the "r" and "l" sound in Hangul are often heard overlapping) which sounds similar to the Hangul word "aegi" which means "baby". EXOLs are that precious to Baekhyun.

Even after a long tiring schedule, he often comes in vlive to interact with fans, before going to bed. He makes joke, says stories (ghost stories), sings, and sometimes plays piano and yawns every time. He is the first EXO member to create a twitter account just because he misses talking to his fans. He is very thoughtful of his fans and always cares for them.

The way Baekhyun looks at his fans and sings "I'll sing for you", says it all.

EXO was treated unfairly by MAMA 2017, fans at the venue were crying. When Baekhyun saw this, he said "EXOL don't cry". He was consoling his fans and asked them not to cry, and told them to go home safely.

This was during MMA 2016. Baekhyun couldn't control his tears while expressing his gratitude towards EXOLs. An emotional moment for EXO and EXOLs.

Baekhyun helped a fan who fell down.

The luckiest fan. It's the small gestures that matter the most.

Baekhyun let a fan touch his hair, and the smile after that could just melt anyone.

Baekhyun is very thoughtful and cares for his fans. He always asks his fans to be safe and not to get hurt.

Baekhyun always stands for his members. He always encourages them. When his band member, D.O, a multi-talented man said that he is not good at anything in JYP party show, Baekhyun just jumped in and said "He's good at acting, he shouldn't say he's not good at anything. He's good at singing, good at dancing, a very good actor, he's a treasure to our team". Byun Baekhyun is always there for the rescue.

Not just members and fans, he treats everyone around him good.

Here are few cute photos of him being cuddly and playful with others.

Baekhyun always smiles.

Always, even when he is in pain.

He hides his pain and still smiles and performs for his fans.

Below videos could make you cry, grab some tissues before scrolling down.

When he fell down during performance, he didn't want to make fans worry about him so he said that he is Iron Koong, he’s not afraid of pain

"I'm not in pain because im Iron Koong"

This is during GDA 2018. He was in pain. Still performed EXO's Diamond, ending with a legendary pose, which trended at top than the daesang winners.

Baekhyun almost fainted during love me right performance in a concert, still hit that high note perfectly.

Clearly he is suffering from a headache, but right when the camera turns on him, he started smiling for his fans.

No matter how much he's hurt, he never stopped performing.

He still smiled at Xiumin.

Did they really call this man a cold-hearted person?!!!

Byun Baekhyun is like a light. A light so bright that despite countless of attempts from antis to perish his good reputation, he continues to shine.

To all those antis - "kkaepsong"

Facts Only,

The KTruth

P.S - I do not own the videos or photos attached in the article. Credits to the rightful owners.

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