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EXO Baekhyun become a victim again

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

On Feb 14th 2018, member of Kpop super star boy band EXO Baekhyun came on Instagram live along with his fellow band members Xiumin and Chen. The members were seen happily singing and chatting with the fans all over the world. Fans expressed his live telecast is a special gift for Valentines day. But, during the live telecast, a sasaeng fan (overly obsessed fan) kept calling his phone number which interrupted the live multiple times in just few minutes. The idol's live telecast seems to have not made via wifi because they were on commute, so he couldn't put his phone on flight mode. Due to constant interference, Baekhyun called out the number and asked the sasaeng fan to not call him, but still the sasaeng seems to have continued the arrogant act.

EXO's antis created a huge fuss saying that Baekhyun shouldn't have exposed the number like that. Fans expressed anger on antis for siding with the sasaeng who harassed Baekhyun.

Whereas the sasaeng fan who harassed Baekhyun commented and mocked the fans in twitter.

Few hours later, Baekhyun posted in IG with a black post stating not to call the number or call him or anyone who are irrelevant. He also said that he don't want to cause any damage due to his mistake. Fans felt the message the idol posted expressed his frustration on sasaengs. Many fans expressed sadness in social media as this is the second time Baekhyun has apologized for something that is not his mistake, and he became the victim again for the second time in the year 2018.

The first incident was on January 2018. During a fan signing event, a Baekhyun stan said about her depression issues to Baekhyun and asked him to write cheerful words for her. The idol expressed that there are many things in the world to be happy about, and asked the fan not to be depressed because he's there for her. The fan recorded this conversation and posted in twitter with a thought of sharing the happy thing happened in her life. But the antis clipped the audio and mistranslated the idol's words and spread in twitter harassing and bullying him. Many Korean media and kpop article sites like AllKpop, Koreaboo and Netizen Buzz spread the false news without trying to know the truth. Sadly the news reached Baekhyun and he apologized for something that is not his fault, the fan who has the conversation with Baekhyun also apologized and asked the antis to not hurt Baekhyun. Later the fans explained the truth to all Korean media who spread the false news and cleared all the negative articles from Naver and other Korean media platforms. Once the truth is revealed, the same Korean media who criticized Baekhyun praised him for being so matured and handling the situation well.

Following the incident on Feb 14th, again Allkpop, Koreaboo and Netizen Buzz sites wrote articles on the incident with misleading title and false information, which fumed EXO fans. Many fans expressed their disappointment on the article sites for burying the journal ethics and writing articles without any baseless information for just likes and shares. The kpop article sites has already gained many negative reviews and being hated among the kpop community.

Kpop fans in general wish the article sites should think about the impact of a false or misleading article would cause.

The Truth is revealed.

- TheKTruther

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