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#btsvsexo - The Hashtag That Surprised The Kpop Stan Twitter; The Beginning To Ending Fanwars;

It is not unusual to wake up to Kpop hashtags trending in Twitter, however this particular hashtag #btsvsexo that was trending on 17 April 2021 was pleasantly unusual and loaded with surprises.

Anyone's first thoughts on seeing the hashtag would be "ah another fan war, isn't it?", but to everyone's surprise, the tweets under the hashtag were nothing but love and respect towards EXO and BTS.

The hashtag started with a space event where the hosts played EXO and BTS songs. The people who tuned in to the event were respectful in their comments and the hashtag eventually trended as more people joined to share mutual love and respect towards the groups.

One fan account composed a long thread of EXO and BTS interactions -

Cr: @taegulfs

(Click on the pic to see the thread)

Some fans were suggesting songs for the other fandom to listen, some were expressing how much they miss the interaction between the groups and some were wishing for a collab! Imagine a collab between the ultimate vocal group and the ultimate rap group! This world would not be enough to survive the impact!

EXOLs showing respect to BTS, and Army showing respect to EXO, truly healing to the hearts that were wishing for peace between the fandoms.

This would be the first time to see the two massive fanbases in Kpop trending a hashtag together with positive and peaceful tweets. Hopefully, this wouldn't be the last time.

As EXO Chen quoted once "There is no such thing as competition in music"

Music is an art of God, the art that heals the broken, the art that has no boundaries, the only art that has the power to bring the world together. KTruth hopes the fandoms would come together to keep it a positive and peaceful war-free zone.

Be Kind!

The KTruth

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