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BigBang Seungri Deserves Better; Fans Are Furious Over YG For Mistreating And Neglecting The Artist;

On January 12, BigBang's Seungri held his solo concert "The Great Seungri Show" in Hong kong, but he was provided with only 2 backup dancers for the concert.

Seungri greeted his fans and said that he has two back up dancers for the show as the rest of the dancers were sent to other band's concert. Fans are furious over YG for neglecting one of the biggest artist of the company.

Fans trended hashtags #SeungriDeservesBetter #YGTreatSeungriRight worldwide to express their condemn towards YG and demands respect for Seungri.

This is not the first time the artist is mistreated. Seungri self promoted his solo album as it was not promoted by the company, he sponsored his own concert, but YG did not even update the dates of the tour which made it hard for the fans to attend the concert. They did not send dancers, they did not send stylist, even his tour advertisement were done by VIPs.

Bigbang is one of the biggest and the boldest group ever, is called as the King of second generation Kpop. They played a big role in making YG Entertainment a "Big3". Without Bigbang, there would be no YG - a fact that no one can deny.

It's been over a decade since the band had debuted, they have made several records which are still unbeaten, they are the inspiration for band like BTS and many. Above all that, they have one of the most loyal fandoms in Kpop. But YG seems to have forgotten all this along with the past.

Here are fans questions to YG.

Generally in Kpop, companies will slowly start neglecting a band once they are over 7 years. Over the years, opportunities are reduced, albums and promotions are reduced, importance and priorities are given to new groups. This seems to be a pattern in Kpop so far, a cycle. This only shows how narrow minded the business people of Kpop are. What they are not understanding is, an artist has no end. There is no 7 year curse, no decade limit, there's just no time limit for an artist. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop debuted on 1964. Beyonce, the Queen debuted on 1997. AC/DC, the God of Rock debuted on 1973. And still the world jams hard to their songs. Even when an artist enters the realm of heaven, their voices will still echo in the realm of Earth. Such is an artist. Unfortunately, business and money ruins the precious of things, and Kpop is no exemption.

Fighting VIPs! Seungri have you.



Truth Only,

The KTruth

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