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"Be Brave, Be Humble" EXO Baekhyun Registers His Identity In New Privé Alliance X BBH Collection

"Be Brave, Be Humble", THBaekhyun Successfully Holds Launch Party For New Impressive Privé Line

Launched in 2018, the unisex streetwear brand Privé held its first launch party on Feburary 26 in LA in honour of their new line. Co-creative director EXO's Byun Baekhyun attends the party in sleek unreleased Privé items.

Curators; Danyl and Baekhyun

Baekhyun's presence was heavily dominant at the event, as the event was sold out, with many fans being there in support of the EXO members individual venture. Reported by Kimbop TV, fans from as far as Mexico came to attend the fashion event. Fans lined up since early in the morning in hopes to see their favourite idol.

Alongside Baekhyun, other celebrities and influencers were able to attend the launch party including Alex Landi, Alexis Ren, Jake Choi and Isaak Presley, also sporting Privé items.

The widely acclaimed brand revealed its new line at the show to which, stated by Danyl Geneciran; "most personal to Baekhyun as he has incorporated ideas of his childhood, his handwriting as well as graphics he has designed." The new line is chic and modern, with hoodies, tee's, pullovers and more including graphics such as " '92 " and handwriting. Baekhyun has said to be influenced by quotes such as "Be Brave", "Be Humble" and "Fearless"

The successful event which was sold out, was held in Hollywood. With the release party, Privé opened an exclusive pop-up store in Melrose for a week holding the new line. Baekhyun also visited the store upon arrival in LA.

Baekhyun thanked everyone on his Instagram and Twitter for the success of the fashion presentation party.

Upon the success of the event, Baekhyun and Privé were found to be trending on Twitter. Reach #6 worldwide, #3 and #4 in Indonesia, #1 and #2 in Thailand, #1, #2 and #2 in Malaysia and #1 in Philippines.

Shop Baekhyun's stunning collaboration with Privé here.

By Bernadette,

A KTruth Writer

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