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Antis Attack EXO Baekhyun Again; Mistranslated,Spreading Lies On Something That Happened 5 Years Ago

EXO's Baekhyun who is loved by his fans for his kind warm heart, funny, cheerful and light like personality, also has antis who would hate him for just breathing.

This time antis have brought up something that happened 5 years ago, mistranslated it and spreading lies in twitter - again. This is the third time this year alone that antis has harassed the idol.

It all started on August 30 when a problematic anti called Baekhyun a "ableist bitch" and claimed several false accusations over the idol based on the incident that happened 5 years ago. What's shocking the Kpop community now is, the tweet spun with lies and hate has spread viral with over 22.3k likes and 7k retweets. When the fans requested to take down the tweet, the anti has demanded $100 dollar to do it, which is a crime of extortion.

Here's the truth about the incident that happened 5 years ago.

During the Ivy club photo shoot on 2013, there was a scene in which EXO members were playing foosball along with actress Kim Yoo Jung, Baekhyun made a remark "the defeated ones". These exact words were mistranslated by antis as "autism kids" and spread like wild fire. The antis took advantage of the similar sounding words in Hangul language simply to spread hate on the idol.

Below screen shots explains more about the mistranslation and explains clearly on what actually happened.

In 2015, Baekhyun actually helped in fundraising for autistic children by joining the Chinese festival hosted by Tang Wei and film director and writer Xue Xiaolu.

The anti also accused Baekhyun for wearing a t-shirt which was printed with words "White power". This incident also has happened on 2013. The t-shirt was a gift to Baekhyun from a Chinese fan site. "Baek" means "White" in Chinese, the phrase on the t-shirt was an intended pun with meaning "Baek power". And clearly, the antis took advantage of this situation as well and made sure to spread enough hate towards the idol.

Even after being proved by fans that the information in the tweet is untrue, the anti has refused to take down the tweet demanding money.

Extortion is a crime and legal action can be taken on the person, including defamation in this case. Not just extortion and defamation, hating and spreading lies on the person is also harassment and bullying. Kpop community has expressed disappointment over the unhealthy toxic twitter stan culture where any tweet is believed to be true without any senseless baseless information. This particular tweet has over 22.3k likes and 7k retweets which is shocking, which also means that people blindly believe anything that is spun just because they hate the idol.

I would like to add the below powerful tweets in the article.

Unless and until mature people stand up and stop such things from happening and spreading, there is no way there can be a healthy and peaceful environment for fans to stan in twitter.

Truth Always

-The KTruth

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