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Antis Attacks GOT7 BamBam Over A Mistranslation;It's2019 Already,Antis Still Didn't Get A Translator

GOT7 celebrated the New Year with their fans by appearing on vlive. The boys were happily greeting and wishing their fans, teasing each other and laughing their hearts out. It was a happy moment for the fans to start the New Year with, but then the antis decided to ruin it all by making a mistranslation, once again.

In the video, Bambam was teasing JB, saying "늙어쓰 " (Romanized : "JB leadu neulgeoss" Meaning: "JB growing old"), the members laughed along. Bambam is from Thailand. He is not a Korean native speaker. Therefore, his pronunciation can be little off at times. The members and fans who actually know Korean language (hangul) can clearly understand what he says.

Antis who don't know a single word in Korean, and who were watching like a hawk to prey on the idols on New Year, misheard the word "neulgeoss" as "nigga", and used this opportunity to drag down Bambam by mistranslating and spreading it. Subtitles for the video was unavailable at that time, which made it easier for antis to spread the false accusation.

Bambam made the above twitter post.

Idols are humans. Antis are not.

No matter what antis try, they could never shake the love which fans have for their idol.

GOT7 fans all over the world are showing their love and support to Bambam by trending #WeLoveYouBambam

It's high time for antis to get three things - 1) Translator 2) Hearing aid 3) Life

Truth Only,

The KTruth

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