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After Successfully Debuting In Korea, IZ*ONE Is Now Set To Take Over Japan As Well;

Produce 48's winning global girl group, IZ*ONE successfully debuts in Japan on February 6th 2019 (filmed on January 20th) at the Tokyo Dome City Hall.

Consisting of 12 members, 3 Japanese members from Japanese girl group, AKB48 and 8 Korean members, the group previously debuted in Korea on October 29, 2018 with EP "Color*IZ", and "La Vie en Rose" as the title song. The group found success, holding the record for the highest sales of a debut album in the first week for a girl group. The group aims to become a global girl group by uniting and debuting in both Korea and Japan.

IZ*ONE's debut showcase was aired on February 6th as they released "Suki to Iwasetai" (好きと言わせたい) single alongside 3 other tracks. Tracks include special unit tracks such as "Neko ni Naritai" (猫になりたい) and "Gokigen Sayonara" (ご機嫌サヨナラ).

On the day of their debut, IZ*ONE ranked #1 on the Oricon charts and becoming the highest selling female K-pop group with 193,469 (to date) physical album sales.

What's your favorite IZ*ONE unit track?

By Bernadette

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