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A Toxic Translator In BTS Army Falsely Accuses EXOLs For A Thing They Didn't Do Tainting Their Image

Few hours ago, a fan in BTS army fandom who claims to be a translator, translated a Spanish post and accused that EXOLs bullied Armies. This went viral and armies trended #EndViolence hashtag worldwide, but they failed to analyse the truth of the incident.

The victim turns out to be just a Kpop fan who made up a story just to create attention from public. It was all a bad prank from a Spanish group who just tried to create fanwar between two big Kpop fanbases, and yes they are successful in doing it.

This is the original photo before it was edited by the group as if an ARMY was bullied by EXOLs in public. Fans say that the person actually admitted it was just a prank and deactivated their account.

There, that should be the end of the issue. But it did not end there.

It's a good thing that BTS Army stands up against bullying, but in this case who is actually being bullied? EXOLs were framed and falsely accused for something which they did not do and are attacked, damaging a fandom's image, Isn't this the actual bulling? Aren't EXOLs the victim here?

Which side are Armies now? The side which holds the truth and proof that EXOLs has nothing to do with it or the side that believes every false accusations their translator spins? While trending the hashtag, which side were armies? Bullies or Victims?

Just because a fandom is rival, does it mean that they can be attacked under all false baseless accusations without any proof.

It's high time Armies hire a professional translator and actual investigator before believing anyone, rather than believing a dummy who says anything against their rival fandom and artists just to defame them. It's truly toxic.

Fans says the same translator is the one who mistranslated several incidents which involved other Kpop artists and actually defamed them. Are Armies still gonna stand up with those horrible translators?

If #EndViolence Is Armies motto, then they should start with stopping the toxic people in their fandom from attacking and accusing their fellow Kpop fandoms and artists from all the toxic translations. There, that's the first step.

I hope armies who still believe the false accusation just because it's against EXOLs will answer the questions raised by an EXOL here -

EXOLs are demanding apology from Armies for trying to taint the image of their fandom with baseless accusations.

Please #EndFanwar

Truth Only,

- The KTruth

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