If you love Kpop and have the passion for writing, then here's the perfect opportunity for you. The KTruth is looking for writers! 


The KTruth is a very young and fast growing news portal which intends to only feed reliable and authentic content to the readers on the happenings in the Korean pop music industry. We are still non-profitable, so this is not a payable venture. Therefore the writer position is part-time and purely passion driven and you can write from home. In future, once the site has been well established and when we turn profitable, you will be notified and will start receiving your fair share. This would be a great opportunity to grow with the KTruth from the very root.


If you are interested, please apply for the position by filling out the form below. 



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Please write and submit articles as asked below. This is to test your writing and investigative skills. 

Take your time, no hurry! We are not expecting a grammatically perfect article, but the content should be reliable and authentic. Please be noted that plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

1. On 2nd January 2018, EXO's Baekhyun posted an apology in his Instagram account. Write an article on the incident related to it.


2. Write an article on the any recent happening in Kpop industry. The topic is of your choice.


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